Oven App

Art Direction, Design

Concepting and designing UX and UI for the OVEN responsive web app. OVEN is a simple and intelligent heating system.

STORY: In Austria many households still have outdated heating systems. Updating them means a great financial expense. In this case OVEN is a easy and efficient solution. OVEN only heats when you really need it. It’s fully configurable and each room temperature can be controlled and interrogated via the Internet.

How it Works

Simply stick OVEN in between your heatings energy line.

Give the OVEN box some power and connect it to the internet.

When OVEN is connected to the internet you are ready to go.

Any touch device is able to run OVEN, because it’s a respnsive interface.


OVEN should be for everybody. So we decided to make it as simple as possible. We used many functions touch decvice users already know when using their phones.

Pictures by Thomas Steinlechner

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